Tarou Kabakura
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Kanji 樺倉太郎
Also Known As Bakakura and Kabakura (by Hanako Koyanagi and Narumi Momose)

Kabakura-senpai (by Narumi Momose)

Teacher/Sensei and Mr. Kabakura (by Hirotaka Nifuji)

Physical Description
Gender Male Male
Age 28
Height 180 cm
Weight 72 kg
Personal Info
Blood Type O
Birthday November 9th
Sign ♏ Scorpio
Status Attached
Relatives Hanako Koyanagi (girlfriend)
Occupation Office Worker
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Tomokazu Sugita
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Tarou Kabakura is Hirotaka Nifuji's co-worker at the office and a less intense otaku; Tarou likes heroes and bishojo. He works at an unknown company with Hanako KoyanagiNarumi Momose and Hirotaka Nifuji.


Tarou is a handsome young man with spiky orange hair and small orange or light brown eyes. He is often mentioned as a scary person by his co-workers due to his eyes.

When he is at home, Tarou puts his hair down.


Tarou is a genuine person and a casual otaku who likes bishojo anime, he is often shown very serious about his work. He is optimistic compared to his peers.

People often say that his preferences are easy to figure out.



Hanako Koyanagi Edit

Tarou and Hanako have been together ever since high school, yet neither one of them can recall who confessed first. They're often seen arguing a lot in public but when they're alone together, they seem to behave like a normal couple.

He is sometimes annoyed when his girlfriend forces him to do something that involves yaoi. In most cases, he is seen blushing when he sees Hanako reading erotic yaoi mangas.

Hirotaka Nifuji Edit

They seem to have a good bond outside their work.

Narumi Momose Edit

Tarou often sees Narumi as 'cute' and 'his type' because he likes tiny, cute girls like "Ranka" from "Macross Frontier". Even though he admits that she's bad at her job and an airhead, he still thinks that her smile is her only saving grace. As Narumi interacts with men like Naoya Nifuji, Tarou gets antsy and aggressive like a 'protective father'.

Trivia Edit

- The name Tarou means 太 (ta) means "thick, big" and 郎 (rou) means "son".