Narumi Momose (桃瀬 成海, Momose Narumi) is one of the protagonists in Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii series. She is the childhood friend and girlfriend of Hirotaka Nifuji.

Along with Hirotaka, Narumi also works at an unknown company with Hanako Koyanagi and Tarō Kabakura.


Narumi is a cute and petite fair-skinned young woman with bra-strap or mid-back length pink hair that is tied in a small red bow at the back with bangs hanging over her eyebrows and light caramel-brown eyes.

At work, she wears a pink blazer with a light pink blouse underneath it, a red gem necklace, brown stockings, a pencil skirt and brown heels. Whenever Narumi goes out, she would either put her hair in a braid or style it wavy etc.

At home, she either leaves her hair down or puts it in a fishtail braid, side ponytail or two small braids. Her casual clothes is a white t-shirt with small marks on the left and black shorts with white stripes on the side.


Narumi is an image conscious person who keeps up appearances at work by hiding the fact that she is an otaku from everyone, including her family. The only people who know this side of her are Hirotaka Nifuji, Hanako Koyanagi, and Tarou Kabakura, after Hirotaka outed her by asking if she was going to participate in the next Summer Comiket.

Narumi is described (by Hirotaka) as someone who is always observing other people, being considerate, and making sure they have fun.

She also loves romantic dramas and believes that finding a boyfriend who she can share a deep connection with is important. She tends to act before thinking.


Narumi is currently dating Hirotaka Nifuji (Narumi's childhood friend). She likes manga games, comics, cosplay, BL and otome who also has a great tolerance for alcohol and does not smoke, but she likes men. However, she is very impatient at times.


Hirotaka Nifuji

Narumi is seen to be open to him and she seems to be amazed by his gaming skills. They often hangout in a bar after work and Narumi sometimes visits at Hirotaka's to play games. Hirotaka was the one who asked Narumi to be his girlfriend and promised to help her grind for materials or levels whenever she wanted in an unknown game they were playing. He also promised to wait for her whenever she worked overtime, never dash her hopes and make her cry, never tell her that she's in the wrong, and lastly, he'd table for her at an event (two weeks after Episode 1), which instantly made Narumi agreed with him (As seen in Episode 1).

They have known each other ever since they were children and became friends after Narumi asked Hirotaka to trade powerful characters for cuter ones (as explained by Hirotaka).

Hanako Koyanagi

Narumi and Hanako have a friendly relationship. They find out by pure chance that they had previously crossed paths outside of work: Narumi recognizing that Hanako crossplayed as Date Masamune at a Sengoku Basara festival she attended and bought some of her doujinshi and Hanako realizing that Narumi is one of her favorite doujinshi artist, referring to her by her pen name, "Miss ***" (much to her embarrassment). This leads to them bonding over their hobbies, as they have never had female friends who shared the same interest as them.

Narumi recommends her favorite Boys Love (BL) manga to her while Hanako proposes that they cosplay together, declaring that they are "soulmates". They also debate which of their boyfriends should be the seme (dominating top) and the uke (receiving bottom) in their yaoi pairing fantasy.


  • The name Narumi means "success" (成) (naru) and "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).
  • Narumi can also be used as a surname.
  • Narumi's surname Momose means "peach" (桃) (momo) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).


  • Narumi is a fujoshi otaku, who likes otome games and idols.
  • She blames being an otaku for difficulties in her life and attempts to keep it a secret, especially at work.
  • People have broken up with Narumi upon finding out she is an otaku.



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