Naoya Nifuji
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Kanji 二藤尚哉
Also Known As Nao (by Narumi Momose)
Physical Description
Gender Male Male
Age 19
Height 177 Cm
Personal Info
Blood Type AB
Birthday April 21st
Sign ♉ Taurus
Relatives Hirotaka Nifuji (Older brother)
Occupation Barista
Media Debut
Anime Episode 5
Japanese Voice Yūki Kaji
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Naoya Nifuji is a university student and the younger brother of Hirotaka Nifuji. Naoya wants the best for Hirotaka and is genuinely happy when good things happen to him. He works as a barista in a coffee shop that is next to the office building where his brother is working to.


Naoya is a handsome young boy with light golden-brownish hair (his natural hair color was blue similar to his brother) and dark blue eyes.


Naoya is seen to be bad at playing video games although his brother is the opposite. He has a cheerful personality and is often portrayed as a cat due to his cat-like smile. He seems to love his work as a barista since having satisfied customers makes him contented.

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Hirotaka Nifuji Edit

Hirotaka is Naoya's older brother. Naoya cares very deeply for his older brother.

Kou Sakuragi Edit

Naoya thought that she was studying hard in the cafe but rather playing games in the cafe, Naoya was just watching her but later on he was caught after winning then apologized and left the place. Kou left something in the cafe which is an info paper and wanted to give it back to her but coincidentally they go on the same college. Naoya wanted to be her friend and thought that he was referring to "friend request" on the game so they became "Gaming friends" rather than friends in general.

In the manga, Naoya mistakenly thought that she was a male, which made her cry.

Trivia Edit

- The name “Naoya” means 直 (nao) meaning "straight" combined with 也 (ya) meaning "also" or 哉 (ya), an exclamation. It also means "Honest one" and "Straight arrow".