Kou Sakuragi
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Kanji 桜城 光
Romaji さくらぎ こう
Physical Description
Gender Female Female
Age 19
Height 170 cm
Weight 59 kg (approximately)
Personal Info
Blood Type A
Birthday October 15th
Sign libra
Occupation Student
Media Debut
Anime Episode 10
Japanese Voice Aoi Yūki
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Kou is an adorable young woman with short brown hair that has long bangs and dark green eyes. Her known facial features are her thick black eyebrows. She wears full-framed glasses and a beauty mark can be seen under her left eye.

Her clothes usually consists of a creamy white sweater with a light blue blouse underneath, and gray slacks with sneakers. She is often seen with white headphones around her neck.

Due to her clothing preferences and her height, she is often mistaken for a boy.


Kou is a type of person who prefers being alone and she always apologizes to people for no particular reason. She does not usually socialize and that's why she is often anxious when talking to other people and couldn't look them straight to the eye. Though Kou still hopes to become friends with someone.

She is not fond of talking, hence she does not have any friends or any form of social media. Later in the series, she meets Naoya Nifuji in the coffee shop he works for and becomes gaming friends with him, she helps him level up his character.

She is very fond of videogames as shown both in the manga and in the anime. She also recognized the character Narumi mentioned as she was going to meet up with Naoya. As Kou plays, she becomes oblivious to her surroundings and forgets how long she would be staying in a particular place as long as she is distracted by it.

Later in the manga, she is revealed to be an otaku.



Naoya Nifuji Edit

Their first interaction with each other was in a coffee shop where Naoya worked as a barista. She is very anxious when talking to him. But after becoming friends in him both in-game, she looks forward to meeting him and is willing to help him out in leveling up.

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Trivia Edit

- The name Kou can be used as 幸 (kou, saiwa.i, sachi, meaning "blessing, fortune, happiness," 光 (kou, hikari, meaning "light, ray," 康 (kou) meaning "ease, peace," 興 (kyou, kou,, meaning "entertain, interest, pleasure, retrieve, revive," 亘 (kan, kou, moto.meru, meaning "request, span," 孝 (kyou, kou) meaning "child's respect, filial piety," 幸 (kou, saiwa.i, meaning "happiness, luck," 候 (kou, sourou) meaning "climate, weather, season," 功 (ku, kou, isao) meaning "achievement, credit, honour, merits, success," 好 (kou, i.i,, su.ku, yo.i) meaning "fond, like something, pleasing," 鴻 (kou, gou, oogari, ootori, hishikui) meaning "great, large (bird), powerful, prosperous, wild goose" or 浩 (kou, ooki.i, hiro.i) meaning "abundance, vigorous, wide expanse." Some kanji used for Kō/Kou like 幸, 興 & 候 are unisex in nature, yet it was exclusively given to girls, albeit uncommonly, before the Meiji Restoration (1868) since two-syllable names were preferred back then. Nowadays, it's rare to see girls named Kō/Kou. And, Kou's surname Sakuragi means "Cherry Blossom Tree".==References==