Hirotaka Nifuji (二藤 宏嵩 Nifuji Hirotaka) is one of the main protagonists in Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii. He is the childhood friend and boyfriend of Narumi Momose.

Along with Narumi, Hirotaka also works at an unknown company with Hanako Koyanagi and Tarō Kabakura.


Throughout the anime and manga, Hirotaka is described to be a handsome young man with bluish-black hair that is parted in the middle, black eyes and a pair of high spec glasses (due to his gaming habits). At work, he wears a regular navy blue suit and purple tie while at home, he dresses casually; a long sleeve shirt and track pants. Though both his ears are pierced, he wears no earrings.


Hirotaka is seen to be an extremely competitive and serious individual whenever he is gaming, which assumes that he excels in games. Similarly, he seems to be an efficient employee. In Volume 1 Chapter 1, he waits for Narumi Momose to finish her assigned work, commenting that he is able to finish his work earlier than Narumi despite given two times more paperwork.

He does not really care about maintaining an image. He is generally not afraid that others will find out that he is an otaku, unlike his girlfriend and senpai.

He does not have any problem socializing with people, but keeps to himself due to lack of interest in others. Hence, he does not have many friends.

He smokes and has a high tolerance for alcohol.

As often commented on by Narumi, Hirotaka prefers voluptuous women, ironic seeing as his girlfriend is not curvaceous at all. In a flashback chapter, Hirotaka is bothered upon spotting Narumi with an unknown boyfriend, and seeing his pierced ears, Hirotaka decides to pierce his own (although he immediately regrets it). He is not an emotional individual, so his indirect confession to Narumi when the pair eventually get together is considered to be a huge breakthrough in his otherwise stoic personality. Although he is not expressive in person, his text messages are filled with emoticons.


Hirotaka is described as an otaku who is obsessed with video games. Although they are his main fixation, he also reads/watches a lot of manga and anime and collects figurines. Due to many years of gaming experience, he is very proficient in gaming. His love for games is intense, at one point even going as far to say to Narumi that without games, he'd die. His favorite genre of games is FPS, fighting, and action games. Narumi Momose was his first crush and he seems to have carried a torch for her ever since childhood.


  • The name Hirotaka means "wide" (宏) (hiro) and "bulk" (嵩) (taka).
  • Hirotaka's surname Nifuji means "two" (二) (ni) and "wisteria" (藤) (fuji).
  • In Episode 10, it is shown that Hirotaka has bad eyesights without his glasses.
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